Ken Jordan

24 Arlington Street

I've lived in California, Louisiana, Wisconsin, and Maryland, but the mountains of Western North Carolina called my wife and me for many years before we made our move. That transition from a job with a long commute to a home with a long and peaceful view was the best decision I ever made.


No one wants to be rushed, and my goal is for you to learn about the area at a pace that is right for you. Whether you want to move immediately, or you're just starting to plan for a day five years from now, please contact me.


In every career field I've worked in over the years, including restaurants, the Air Force, broadcast production, advertising, computer programming, and software development, my job involved identifying and meeting other peoples' needs. This made my transition to real estate in 1999 a natural fit. I work hard to keep buyers informed about the various lifestyles Western North Carolina has to offer as we find the perfect home for you and your budget, so you can Live Abundantly in WNC.


I know that you have given a lot of thought to the property that will best suit your needs. By asking you the right questions, I will help you to match available properties to your priorities, so you can save money, time, and hassles in finding your perfect home. The Dwell Realty Group process ensures that you will not miss any properties and you'll be assured that you won't pay too much.


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